The farm is now closed until Sept 1st, 2019.

By the time we re-open, we will have our little farm stand up and running, so that customers can simply pull up and buy eggs, flowers, boo boo cream, and any extra veggies I decide to grow.

I’m also hoping to set up a small freezer inside the farm stand so that folks can buy chicken and pork. Please stand by for that.

*** PLEASE NOTE: I get many requests from people for farm tours & visits. I love everyone’s interest and enthusiasm for our animals, but we follow strict bio-security rules here on the farm. Disease can be spread to our animals from visitors’ footwear, clothing, or hair and we will NOT risk the health of the animals for any reason. To safeguard the rare & heritage breeds we raise on our farm, we do not offer farm tours or visits.

I appreciate everyone’s understanding.





We are a small farm located near Wyoming, ON and we raise purebred Berkshire pigs as well as fancy and heritage poultry. We are also beekeepers and sell raw honey and our famous Calendula Healing salve made with our own pure beeswax and Calendula flowers grown here on the farm.

To order our pork products online, please visit the individual page for Pigs. You will find order forms and prices there.

I am working on getting a page added for ordering salves and other farm products. Thank you for your patience!

For any other questions or ordering info, please text or call Lisa at 519-381-1771.