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We are proud to raise purebred Berkshire pigs. We also raise a variety of heritage poultry and have partnered with our son who has taken over keeping our honeybees.


We’ve kept honeybees and livestock to some degree since 2004, when a swarm of honeybees found my husband and they decided to hang in our cedar trees to wait for him.

I have been an animal lover since before I could walk. I decided that if I was going to raise pigs commercially, I would raise them the old-fashioned way where they were kept on straw and had access to the outside to play, wallow, and root in the dirt. My husband believes in keeping pigs the same way, so that was how we started.

Our way of raising pigs caught the attention of a Canadian processor who had just started a great partnership with Whole Foods and several other specialty grocery stores. We were invited to raise Berkshire pigs for them so that’s what we do.

In February 2017 our farm was CQA Certified and in April 2017 our farm was certified under the Humane Handling Program, something that took us 2 years to achieve.

Our farm provides pork to the consumer through the Canadian branch of the Humane Handling certified program, and two or three times a year we also have pork available for direct sale.

Seasonally we also raise free-range meat chickens and turkeys that we offer to our customers in the fall. From April till November we also have fresh, free-range eggs available.

We show and breed Speckled Sussex chickens along with Silkies, Orpingtons, Copper Marans, and Iowa Blues. Our commercial mix laying hens are in charge of the barn yard and definitely run the show!


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