Chicken and Eggs


We will have eggs for sale again once the hot, muggy weather draws to a close. Our hens will NOT lay when the weather is yucky and super hot.

Our eggs are sold by the dozen (no flats or bulk orders!) and they are $3.50 per dozen. Visit our new funky farm stand beginning Sept 1st to buy your eggs. Text me ahead of time or use our self-serve option.


Usually by the end of August we have free run meat chickens for sale. We always sell out fast so it’s usually better to pre-order and get on the list.

All of our poultry is fed local non-medicated poultry feed and lots of treats from our garden. Tomatoes and cucumbers are their favourites. They also love fresh green grass.

Our birds do not get antibiotics and it is illegal in Canada to give chickens hormones so they don’t get those either.

Our birds grow to their desired size in about 14 weeks, which is much longer than chickens kept indoors. This is because during the day our chickens get to go outside and eat grass, bugs and treats, and our laying hens teach them to scratch in the dirt like chickens should. Our family of African geese babysit the flock and keep them safe from harm.

When they’re outside all day they spend less time at the feed trough and take a little longer to grow to their desired weight, but a slow growing chicken tastes so much better!! The meat is dense and full of flavour, and never bland or watery. The carcass makes for a beautiful soup stock or bone broth.

New for this coming 2019 season:

* Boneless skinless chicken breast or thighs (vacuum packed) $8.00/LB

* Cut-up whole chicken (bagged, 6-8 lbs) $18

* Whole:  (bagged,6-8 lbs) $15

*Half: (bagged, 3-4 lbs) $9