Specialty Poultry


Every spring we buy day-old turkey poults that we raise in the free-run style just like our meat chickens. They are a mixture of Classic Mini-white turkeys and Artisan Gold, which are a hybrid breed designed to produce a flavour a bit more like the wild turkey.

Our turkeys spend the entire spring, summer and part of fall going outside each day to eat treats, grass, and bugs. They love tall fresh grass and will spend all day grazing.

Because our turkeys are slow-grown just like our meat chickens, they have a fabulous flavour with juicy dense meat that is never dry or bland.

Availability is limited. It’s best to place your order in the spring so we know to grow a turkey just for you and your family.

You can pre-order your turkey for Thanksgiving, Christmas, or New Year’s.

Small Turkey: 12-15 LBS $45 Artisan Gold: 12-15 LBS $50

Medium Turkey: 16-20 LBS $55 Artisan Gold 16-18 LBS $60

Large Turkey: 20-23 LBS $60 Artisan Gold: N/A



New for 2019! We will be offering pheasants for sale this fall. They make for a most elegant meal, especially during the holidays.

*Whole Pheasant: (bagged,2-3 LBS) $25